A Fast, Low-Cost, and Environmental Friendly Micro-Flow-Batch Analyzer for Photometric Determination of Sulfites in Beverages

posted on 10.04.2019 by Márcio R. S. Tavares, Stéfani I. E. Andrade, Marcelo B. Lima, Inakã S. Barreto, Mário C. U. de Araújo, Luciano F. Almeida

An automated microsystem for sulfite determination in beverages was developed. It presents higher sampling throughput, lower chemical consumption and less waste generation than previous flow methods, while using the same p-rosaniline-formaldehyde-sulfite reaction. The sampling rate, limit of detection (LOD), and relative standard deviation (RSD) were estimated at 130 h-1, 80.0 µg L–1, and < 1.3% (n = 5), respectively. Recoveries ranged from 96.8 to 102.6%.