A proposal to integrate the BIM model with the Last Planner system

Abstract This study investigated the use of building information modelling (BIM) integrated with the logics of the Last Planner system in construction planning and control in building projects. The aim of the study was to build an integrative model in order to improve the planning process in both the medium and short terms. The methodological approach adopted was Design Science Research, which prescribes the design and development of innovative devices (in this study, a model) to solve practical problems. The integration model involved the development of a plug-in for the Revit software, capable of providing information on a database powered by another software. Hence, it was possible to establish the terials, labor, work, and design specifications. The evaluation of the model was made through an empirical study on a large building site. The main conclusion was the resulting synergy between the model and the Last Planner system, through relationship between each geometric element of the project and its needs for maautomatic verification of constraints, visual management, and integration of the parties involved with medium and short-term planning, making them more efficient.