A química no Vestibular Fuvest (1980-2018)

2018-12-05T03:21:40Z (GMT) by PAULO ALVES PORTO

ABSTRACT This paper proposes an analysis of epistemological and didactic aspects of Chemistry programs and of some Chemistry questions of the University of São Paulo admission exam (Fuvest) from 1980 to 2018. Our analysis focuses on the criteria guiding the selection and organization of contents; on the implied relationships between the macroscopic and submicroscopic ontological levels of matter; on the use of particle models to explain such relationships; on experimentation and on the contextualization of chemical knowledge. There was a major change in the program in 1991 and a minor one in 2002, which may be related to changes in state and federal curriculum guidelines. The process outlined here, in which Science education research results influenced university admission exams, may lead to useful reflections for educators in chemistry.