A state for the contemporary children’s poetry: reflections based on PNBE

posted on 26.12.2018 by Marli Cristina Tasca Marangoni, Flávia Brocchetto Ramos

abstract Government initiatives meant to promote reading, such as the National School Library Program (PNBE - Programa Nacional Biblioteca da Escola), influence the Brazilian publishing market, determining what book titles are offered to schools that meet the demands of such a policy and, consequently, contribute to the creation of a Brazilian children's and youth literary state. In order to analyze Brazilian children's poetry, this essay uses selected poetic works from the PNBE 2010 collection. Four poems from four different books were analyzed to discuss the poetic composition in Brazilian children's poetry selected by PNBE. The article analyzes the identity of Brazilian children's poetry in contemporary society, considering the government policy, and shows that the poetic texts tend to invite the young reader to substantiate the interactive and, at the same time, contemplative nature of poetry.