A suburban racecourse: the experience of the Club de Corridas Santa Cruz (Rio de Janeiro - 1912/1918)

2019-03-13T02:40:22Z (GMT) by Victor Andrade de Melo

ABSTRACT Many historical studies have focused on the sporting events promoted in the socioeconomically privileged region of Rio de Janeiro. There is, however, little research on other parts of the city, especially on the suburbs. The understanding of these occurrences can help further understanding on the sport and the process of urbanization. That being said, this study aims to discuss the experience of Club de Corridas Santa Cruz, a turf society that was active between the years of 1912 and 1918. Specifically, it intends to address the stigmas and operational problems that it had to face because it was founded in a peripheral area. Newspapers and magazines published in the period were used in order to fulfill this objective.