A tribute to Michael Türkay (3 April 1948 - 9 September 2015): contributions and legacy of a lifelong study on New World decapods, and personal impressions

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posted on 26.12.2018 by Célio Magalhães

Abstract Prof. Dr. Michael Türkay, curator of Crustacea in the Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum, unexpectedly passed away on 9th September 2015 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The Brazilian Crustacean Society (Sociedade Brasileira de Carcinologia ˗ SBC, in Portuguese), taking into account Michael's outstanding contribution to carcinology, his strong interest in New World decapods (Neotropical freshwater crabs in particular), and his ties with Brazilian colleagues, decided to honor his memory and legacy with a special series of publications in Nauplius, the Society's scientific journal. In the present opening article to the SBC tribute, his contributions to the study of New World decapods, particularly freshwater ones, are reviewed, and some reminiscences of the scientific partnership and friendship with the author are presented.