Acupuncture, multidisciplinary specialty: an option in public services designed for the elderly

2019-11-06T02:42:53Z (GMT) by Ana Luzia Batista de Góis

Abstract Considering the indication of multidisciplinary kinds an efficient form of service, and the increasing use of acupuncture in Brazilian health services, this study aimed to contribute for the knowledge of acupuncture and to expand its application in public services. It used literature review, carrying out data collection among medical records of patients assisted by acupuncturists of multidisciplinary formation at Oscar Clark Municipal Institute of Physical Medicine, in Rio de Janeiro, so that the professional practice could help its best development. Results ages ranged from 60 to 80 years (61%); largest frequency between diseases or complaints were pains (39%); as to improvement brought by the treatment, the largest index showed an improvement from 26 to 50%. Conclusion acupuncture brings good results, especially in cases of chronic diseases and for the elderly. The Western scientific philosophical basis must be preserved, using acupuncture in a multidisciplinary way, free from disputes for a monopoly to ensure its quality. Also,acupuncture must be expanded to other public services and to multidisciplinary public actions, as an effective, natural and low-cost option.