Adorno’s concepts of education and half-education in the analysis of the course completion works on socio-scientific issues, in a Pedagogy Program

Abstract: This study addresses the critical education of teachers in Science teaching and analyzes challenges and formative potentials of the Course Completion Work (CCW) done by future educators, from the perspective of Education, through socio-scientific issues. It also seeks to stimulate and promote, during this process, the subjectivity, creativity and authorship of the subjects involved. Based on Adorno’s theoretical concepts, and data obtained through field notes and class recordings, three dimensions were created: the half-education, transition and education dimensions. We conclude that education from the perspective of socio-scientific issues contributed to critical education in Nature Sciences to educators in training, both to act in teaching as well as in the educational process of producing the CCW. We believe that this research also brings contributions to explain the construction of autonomy, creativity and appreciation of subjectivity in the search for authorship in academic work.