Aesthetic experience on the Lakay movie debate in a Brazilian university

Abstract In August 2016, a movie debate was promoted by GRUDES (a film and audiovisual research group from the Tuiuti University of Paraná) on the film Lakay, by filmmakers Jéssica Frazão and Matheus Paladino (2016). The film recounts the life of the Haitian immigrants in southern Brazil, and the event was attended by undergraduate students from the Tuiuti University of Paraná. Among them was a Haitian who had recently arrived in the country. During the debate he participated actively in telling his story in Haiti and the reasons for his emigration to Brazil. This article proposes a reflection on the participation of these students in the debate on the idea of “small crises” in Gumbrecht (2006). The results indicate that the event was an aesthetic experience provided by the oscillation between the effects of sense and presence, reinforcing the German theorist’s arguments .