Agreement among methods for study estimation of elderly height at the nutrition ambulatory

Abstract Objective: to evaluate methods of elderly height estimation attended at the Nutrition ambulatory. Method: a total of 43 elderly individuals of both genders were evaluated during nutrition consultations. Sociodemographic data were collected from charts and height, knee height, arms wingspan and semi-span were measured. Statistical analysis were made through Bland-Altman test to evaluate concordance among statures estimated by predictive formulas and the height measured. Results: the values found were: height measured in meters 1.53 (±0.08), height estimated by the wingspan 1.60 (±0.10), by the semi-span 1.61 (±0.11) and by the knee height 1.56 (±0.10). According to the Bland-Altman graph, the height estimated by knee height showed a better agreement with the measured height. Conclusion: according to this study results, poor predictive formulas concordance in height estimation in elderly, using the measures: arms wingspan and semi-span with real stature measured were observed. Knee height, using Chumlea formula, presented the best concordance with measured stature and seems to be a good way for stature estimation at the studied population.