Aid application multicriteria the decision based on AHP Method and Fuzzy Logic in commercial land selection

Abstract The objective of this article is to select land for commercial buildings in Rio de Janeiro city using multiple criteria decision-making techniques. The techniques used were based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Fuzzy Logic methods. These methods were chosen because of functionality, flexibility and great application in engineering problems for decision making involving multiple criteria. Its application was made through an opinion survey with expert builders, where 6 (six) factors for evaluation were selected in 10 (ten) commercial land alternatives. For the analytical operation of the methods, the software used were: Super Decisions and MATLAB®, respectively for each method, presenting the factors classified, in order of priority, in the selection of land, and ranking of the alternatives according to the defined scenario, facilitating in this way the process of selection of land for buildings, establishing a scientific way for the decision process.