Alternative metric for open government data in Latin America

Abstract The objective of this article is to use the DGABr, an alternative metric created, in a doctoral thesis of 2018, to evaluate the Open Government Data of Brazil, to measure the open government data of other Latin American countries. The overall objective was subdivided into three specific objectives: (1) Identify the countries of Latin America that have defi ned access to information/opendata policy legislation; (2) Identify the most comprehensive legislation and criteria for assessing open government data; and (3) Analyzethe DGABr based on other legislation and propose adjustments for its use in other countries. In this sense, the legislation on access to information of Latin American countries was investigated, based on the Global Right to Information Rating ranking, which assesses legislation on access to information worldwide. The legislation of Mexico was chosen as reference for comparison with the DGABr,having reached in the ranking, the highest score in Latin America. Analyzing Mexican legislation, items to be included in the DGABr wereidentified and many similarities were already evaluated by the DGABr. It is concluded that the DGABr allows adaptations and can be used in different contexts and countries of Latin America.