Altmetric studies in Brazil: An analysis from the curricula on the Lattes Platform-CNPq

2019-10-02T02:53:38Z (GMT) by Fabio Castro GOUVEIA

Abstract Field of the information metrics studies with nine years of existence, altmetrics has in Brazil a history three years more recent. If, on the other hand, we consider the field more broadly, such as scientometric studies based on cybermetric or web-based data, we could identify older works. However, delimitation of the field occurred in 2010, when Jason Priem coined the term “altmetrics” via Twitter having arrived in Brazil as “altmetria” in 2013. In the exploratory bibliometric study here presented, we used the Lattes curriculum to identify articles and communications in congresses of researchers, with or without a doctorate degree, who work in the field of altmetrics in Brazil, their large areas and areas of expertise, geographical distribution and the evolution of data and thematic sources over the years. To this end, the identification of curricula was made through the advanced search in the Lattes Platform by the terms “altmetria”, “altmétrico”, “altmétrica”, “altmetric” or “altmetrics”. The 94 curricula found, 37 of which were doctors and 57 of non-doctors, had their contents filtered by the search terms used. Twenty-six articles were identified in periodicals and 36 communications in events. From the 94 researchers it is verified that 53 of them produced only in altmetrics and 41 with intercession with Facebook, Twitter or Mendeley. The field is dominated by researchers from the large area of Applied Social Sciences with emphasis on Information Science and to a lesser extent for Communication. Research focus have been evolving from more theoretical approaches towards practical, evaluative, critical and institutional and regional contexts.