Analysis of Cold Asphalt Concrete Mixtures Using Construction and Demolition Wastes

ABSTRACT In civil construction, a recurring environmental problem is the generation and disposal of Construction and Demolition Waste (RCD) of works. The use of RCD as aggregates of pre-mixed mixed asphalt concrete (PMF) makes possible the implementation of low traffic pavements. Therefore, this article proposes to evaluate the technical feasibility of the recycled materials, through laboratory tests and dosages of asphalt concrete, replacing natural aggregates by recycled in mixtures of asphalt concrete to be used as floor covering layer. In the research, analyzes of physical characterization of the material were carried out; mineralogical characterization of the RCD filler (DRX, FRX, EDS and MEV); and analyzes of Marshall's dosages of asphalt concrete (Pre-mixed to PMF) varying in asphalt emulsion contents in 6%, 7%, 8% and 9%, in each mixing design. The FRX results indicated oxides such as SiO2, Fe2O3 and Al2O3, with significant silica, iron and aluminum contents, also characterizing the predominantly ceramic origin of the RCD material. Analyzing Marshall methodology parameters, the interaction of emulsion contents with Stability, Void Volume, Density, and Empty Bitumen properties showed lower performance of concrete with RCD aggregates, however, consistent with the Marshall standard parameters of dosage. Therefore, it was possible to verify the expressive potential (economic and environmental) of the use of RCD in the composition of cold asphalt concrete, as layers of asphalt, in low traffic pavements.