Analysis of Papers on Visual Impairment Published in the Brazilian Journal of Special Education (1992-2017)

ABSTRACT: This study aimed to analyze the papers on visual impairment published in the Brazilian Journal of Special Education - RBEE, from its foundation, in 1992, to 2017, with the objective to highlight the participation of the area in publications in the Journal. The investigation identified 46 texts: three reviews, one comment and 42 papers, including essays, literature reviews and a research report. The comment and the reviews were excluded from the analysis. The reading and the analysis of the 42 papers adopted the following axes: annual distribution of the papers, authorship, themes, regions and institutions of origin, text genres and interfaces with other areas of knowledge. The results showed that the area of visual impairment is present in the academic production, with greater evidence over the last two decades. The themes of the papers encompassed different areas of knowledge, with an emphasis on the interface with the area of Health Sciences. The indicators regarding regions and institutions of origin revealed that, although the RBEE also publishes studies of international origin, the papers analyzed did not include the whole of the Brazilian institutions located in the several regions of the country.