Anatomy of Charcoal and Carbonization Effect under Eucalyptus Fibers’ Dimensions

Abstract The anatomy of wood and charcoal was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy in three radial positions of E. urophylla and E. Grandis in different diameter classes at six years. The carbonization process was given in the muffle with an average rate of 0.5 °C increment per minute, using initial temperature of 150 °C and maximum of 450 °C. It was observed that the pore diameter presented higher values in the samples obtained in the internal position. The diameter classes of the trees almost did not influence the characteristics of the fibers. In the external position (close to the shell) fibers with higher values of cell wall thickness and smaller values of lumen diameter and width were identified. The fiber lumen diameter was not affected by the wood carbonization process, whereas the cell wall thickness and fiber width were reduced.