Antioxidant properties, proximate content and cytotoxic activity of Echinophora tournefortii Jaub. & Spach

2018-12-05T03:22:19Z (GMT) by Arzu KASKA Ramazan MAMMADOV

Abstract This work was designed to evaluate the phenolic, flavonoid content and biological activities (antioxidant and cytotoxic) of E. tournefortii extracts (methanol, acetone and water) as well as to determined proximate parameters (ash, fat, protein and carbohydrate). Among the three different extracts of E. tournefortii evaluated, the methanol extract, showed the highest amount of antioxidant activities (β-carotene, 88.62%). There were statistical differences among the radical scavenging (DPPH and ABTS) and antioxidant (phosphomolybdenum) activities of the different extracts of E. tournefortii. In the metal chelating and reducing power activities, the water extract exhibited the highest chelating and reducing capacity (29.88% and 0.206mg/mL respectively). All extracts of E. tournefortii exhibited cytotoxic activities and this plant possesses nutrients. These findings will provide addition information for the further investigation of this plant, for understanding the efficacy of E. tournefortii as a food ingredient, as well as for preventing oxidative stress mediated disorders.