Aortic Valve Neocuspidization with Glutaraldehyde-Treated Autologous Pericardium (Ozaki Procedure) - A Promising Surgical Technique

Abstract In cases of aortic valve disease, prosthetic valves have been increasingly used for valve replacement, however, there are inherent problems with prostheses, and their quality in the so-called Third World countries is lower in comparison to new-generation models, which leads to shorter durability. Recently, transcatheter aortic valve replacement has been explored as a less invasive option for patients with high-risk surgical profile. In this scenario, aortic valve neocuspidization (AVNeo) has emerged as another option, which can be applied to a wide spectrum of aortic valve diseases. Despite the promising results, this procedure is not widely spread among cardiac surgeons yet. Spurred on by the last publications, we went on to write an overview of the current practice of state-of-the-art AVNeo and its results.