Arena do Morro and Museu do Amanhã: two places in action

Abstract This article is aligned with the socio-technical perspective and discusses the understanding of places in action as laboratories or interfaces that learn and perform knowledge that, even though shaped by different “ontological politics”, are simultaneously situated or localized and global. If any place is global, it is worth exploring how it includes others. Therefore, we used the four spatialities proposed by John Law and Annemarie Mol – the euclidean, whose prevalence tends to be naturalized, the networks, the fluid and the fire. To explain how the spatialities are produced and mixed in places, action and recruit other allies, we explore the manufacturing processes of the Arena do Morro in Natal/RN and Museu do Amanhã in Rio de Janeiro/RJ, two projects-places in action that, in addition to local, regional and global, are also devices “immutable mobiles”, “mutable mobiles” and “immobiles mutable”, being disputed territories which cannot be reduced to what they “are” or “mean”.