Aroma characteristics and volatile compounds of distilled Crystal grape spirits of different alcohol concentrations: wine sprits in the Shangri-La region of China

posted on 06.02.2019 by Xiao-Feng WEI, Xue-Lei MA, Jian-Hong CAO, Xiang-Yu SUN, Yu-Lin FANG

Abstract Aroma composition is critical to the quality of distilled spirits while the alcohol concentration could have a great effect on the variety and content of aromatic substances. In order to clarify the effect of alcohol concentration on the formation of the aroma composition, volatile compounds in Crystal distilled grape spirits with different alcohol concentrations were analyzed using the Stir bar sorptive extraction (SBSE) technique combined with GC-MS. Characteristic aromas, principal components and odor profiles were also explored. Eighty-six compounds were identified in Crystal distilled grape spirits and 19 compounds were the same for the 4 samples with different alcohol concentrations. The species and contents of esters increased significantly along with the alcohol concentration increasing, while the acid content decreased. No significant change in the volatile alcohol and carbonyl contents was observed, and no terpene was detected in the spirits of 80%vol alcohol content. Fruity was the strongest aroma in the 6 aromatic series of odor, followed by floral and fatty. The 77%vol alcohol distilled grape spirits showed the most fragrant and balanced aroma.