Audiological profile of professional disc jockeys

ABSTRACT Purpose: to describe the audiological profile of professional disc jockeys acting in cities of the Brazilian Federal District. Methods: audiometry, tympanometry, transient evoked emissions, and distortion product evoked emissions exams were conducted, as well as interviews, in order to identify auditory symptoms. Appropriate statistical tests were applied, adopting a significance level lower than 0.05. Results: a total of 21 disc jockeys, aged between 20 and 45 years, were evaluated. The most cited auditory complaints were feeling of ear fullness (86%) and tinnitus (57%). Auditory thresholds remained predominantly within normal range (90%), but thresholds were increased in frequencies from 3 KHz to 6 KHz (38%). Only 42% of the sample presented a pass response in transient evoked emissions, and 81% in distortion product evoked emissions, in both ears. Conclusion: the research identified auditory thresholds predominantly within standards of normality, though with increased high frequencies, that may be associated with noise exposure. The otoacoustic emissions presented alterations both in the transient ones and in the distortion product.