Axes of integration and development, route of latin american integration and tourism: Mato Grosso do Sul territory and frontier frances

2019-09-11T02:42:05Z (GMT) by Cleonice Alexandre Le Bourlegat

Abstract: The objective is to approach the conception of transport corridors and Integration and Development Axis (EID), to reflect more accurately on the role of “Latin American Integration Route (RILA)”, to which Mato Grosso do Sul is inserted, as well as on the contribution of the tourist activity, in the territorial development of the IDA under construction in South America, involving Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile. The research is of bibliographical and documentary nature, besides including information obtained through the direct experience of the researchers in this partnership, by UCDB on the “Council of Rectors of Institutions of Higher Education in the State - CRIE/MS”. The text approach the conceptual construction of the IDA related to the logistics logistic corridor, as well as the strategic position of Mato Grosso do Sul in front of the various bioceanic logistic corridors, projected at IIRSA’s initiative. In this systemic model of territorial construction of IDA, reflections are made on an integrated tourism planning process, as a complementary activity, in the strengthening of this type of multinational territorial construction in the South American continent.