Bacteria from the Bacillus cereus group as contaminants in requeijão curd cheeses and especialidade láctea tipo requeijão

ABSTRACT: This study aimed to evaluate the occurrence of Bacillus cereus group in requeijões and especialidades lácteas tipo requeijão (regular and light) and to verify if there is differences in relation to this occurrence among different categories of these products. A set of 14 (35%) lots was contaminated with this bacterial group from the 40 lots with low counts (maximum 3.1 × 10 CFU/g), and no significant difference regarding counts or presence/absence were observed among the categories of the products. It can be concluded that contamination by B. cereus group in these products is unable to consist in risk to consumers, regarding adequate refrigeration during selling. This study was the first one to report this bacteria group for these dairy products and highlights the needs of further investigations to evaluate the impact of its spoilage during shelf life.