Ballistic Behavior of New Alumina Composites Reinforced with Niobo-Phosphate Glass

This work aimed to produce and evaluate the ballistic behavior of niobo-phosphate glass-doped alumina composites. The niobo-phosphate glass (30% Nb2O5- 30% P2O5- 20% CaO - 20% CaF2, by mol) were added to the alumina in six different weight percentages. The composite with the highest densification, measured by the Archimedes assay, was used for the ballistic tests. X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray spectroscopy by dispersive energy (EDX) were also performed. The sintered samples were enveloped on two 1020 steel plates for the residual velocity test. The best results of densification were obtained for the niobo-phosphate glass addition of 4 wt%, which was not detected the AlPO4 phase formation. From the residual velocity test, it was observed a better energy absorption for the doped alumina, in relation to pure alumina. Therefore, it is indicated that the niobo-phosphate glass addition of 4 wt% worked properly as sintering aid for alumina, enhancing its properties and performance.