Bibliographical Survey on Special Education and Teaching Science in Brazil

ABSTRACT: With the World Declaration of Education for All, Brazil has opted to build an inclusive education system. Thus, it is necessary that Special Education is also the subject of research on Teaching Science, but studies indicate that there is little research in this area. As such, the aim of this work was to carry out a national bibliographical survey to evaluate how the research area of teaching Science has approached the Special Education theme. The bibliographic research was carried out in line with the revision procedures defined by Content Analysis and used six journals of strata A1 and A2 defined by CAPES qualis as corpus of information. The searches were carried out from five descriptors: inclusion, inclusive education, special education, special educational needs and teacher education. According to the selection criteria, only 28 papers were found: 15 on teaching Science and learning; 12 on the education of Science teachers from the perspective of Special Education and one on evaluation and curriculum for Special Education. Most of these works were written by Éder Pires de Camargo and Anna Maria Canavarro Benite, and the teaching of Physics for the visually impaired is the theme that has been published the most. The publications began in 2006, reaching the largest number of publications in 2015. The results show that the amount of research in this area is still incipient, having little representation compared to the total number of publications in the best evaluated journals.