Bio-based additives for thermoplastics

Abstract Presently, there are significant research efforts being undertaken to produce bio-based chemicals in a cost-effective way. The polymer chemists and engineers are no exception to this. Additives for polymers correspond to a large section of the plastics market and bio-based products can substitute many of them. The scientific literature has a large number of publications focusing on the preparation and testing of bio-based polymer additives; however, the small number of products that reach the market, which are bio-based, does not reflect this. In terms of the global market, the environmentally friendly appeal of bio-based additives alone is not sufficient; the bio-based product must have similar or better performance than the oil-based and be comparable or lower in cost than the existing products. In this review, we focus on bio-based polymer additives that have already reached the market or have a real possibility of reaching the market in a cost-effective way.