Bioceramics of calcium phosphate nano-structured micro-macro porous granules rapidly absorbed in filling critical radial defect in rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of HA/ βTCP on rapid absorption granules in rabbit radiography, histology, and bone densitometry. Thirty - five male rabbits of the New Zealand breed were used and a critical defect was performed on the right and left radios. The animals were distributed in GI, autologous graft and GII HA / βTCP in rapidly absorbed granules. Radiographic, histological, and densitometry evaluations were performed before surgery, then after eight, 15, 30, 45 and 60 days. A significant difference was found when comparing the bone mineral density obtained over the study time. Formation of vascular network between the bioceramic pores was observed by the first evaluation time, (eight days). Primary bone tissue and trabeculae were observed from preexisting bone tissue after 30 days of implantation. At 60 days, the presence of bone matrix was observed from the preexisting bone segments, characterizing the centripetal bone formation. The micro-macroporous nanocomposite HA / βTCP of rapidly absorbing granules do not cause microscopic changes indicative of rejection, allows invasion, cell multiplication, and promotes bone regeneration, constituting an appropriate implant for filling of critical bone failures.