Bioethics criteria in Dentistry research of humans

ABSTRACT Objective: This study aimed to identify and relate the work that adopted bioethical principles applied to research on humans in the area of dentistry published in scientific journals. Methods: The selection of work was done using the Virtual Health Library (VHL), including the following databases: Literature Latino-American and Caribbean Health Sciences, Scientific Electronic Library Online and International Literature on Health Sciences. It was evaluated in the last ten years, researches using the descriptors: Bioethics, Research, Human, Dental, Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence, and Justice. Results: Two hundred and seventy eight studies found, however only 12 were selected by following the criteria adopted in this study. Conclusion: Among the four principles of bioethics addressed in this study, the principle of autonomy was the most discussed in literature, followed the principle of justice. Further studies should be conducted in order to carry the development of bioethics in research with human made in dentistry.