Biomass, Carbon and Nitrogen in the Accumulated Litter of Planted and Native Forests

ABSTRACT This study aimed to evaluate the biomass, carbon and nitrogen stocks in accumulated litter in a Semidecidual Seasonal Forest fragment and two pure forest plantations (Pterogyne nitens and Eucalyptus urophylla), located in the Southwest of Bahia. Litter samplings were carried out in the rainy and dry season. The biomass from accumulated litter was higher in eucalyptus stand (13.1 Mg ha–1) and lower in the Pterogyne nitens (1.5 Mg ha–1), reaching intermediate values in the native forest (6.3 Mg ha–1). This same sequence was checked for carbon stocks: 5.6 Mg ha–1 (eucalypt) 2.7 Mg ha–1 (native forest) and 0.6 Mg ha–1 (P. nitens). The P. nitens stand has N content of leaf’s litter compatible to the native forest. The greatest differences in biomass, carbon and nitrogen of accumulated litter between the rainy and dry seasons were found in pure stands.