Boa constrictor constrictor reproductive biology aspects: the testes histological study in the reproductive periods of quiescence and maximal activity

ABSTRACT These snakes belong to the second largest group within the reptiles, being able to present seasonality regarding spermatogenesis, with discontinuous or continuous production. The present study aims to characterize Boa constrictor constrictor reproductive biology aspects from histological findings in testicles during periods of maximum activity (period of gametogenesis) and quiescence. The testicles of two specimens of Boa c. constrictor (7767 and 11752) were cut to a thickness of 3μm in microtome, stained with 1% toluidine blue, photodocumented and described. The spermatozoa presence in the seminiferous tubule lumen in individual 7767 indicates a period of maximum gametogenesis, whereas the seminiferous tubules lumen is not very evident without spermatozoa and the absence of dividing gametic cells characterizes individual 11752 in the quiescent period. Through the histological findings we concluded that Boa c. constrictor presents seasonality in relation to gametogenesis, and the pattern of reproductive seasonality observed along with the period of copulas reported in the literature resembles the pre-nuptial pattern.