Body, Language and The Real: The Breath Of Exu Bará and its Place in Communication

2018-12-26T06:31:38Z (GMT) by Florence Marie Dravet

AbstractThe present article seeks to essay a body-thought that allows perceiving communication as a process in which body, language and real are integrated, living elements, animated by the same breath that crosses them. To this end, we look at the notion of Exu Bará for Afro-Brazilian nagôs as experienced in its communities. We analyze its myths and its language, its forms of manifestation, his gestures, to seize its semantic and sensorial sense. We adopt a poetic methodology in an attempt to achieve a thought in motion. And we came to a geometric representation for the body, qualified as philosophical and artistic, that figures the body like a rose in the centre of a rhombus, a living element in broad dynamic interaction with its environment.