Brazilian municipalities planning and prepare tools for Protection Policy and Civil Defense

AbstractAssuming that municipalities must follow a master plan and laws capable to stop risk areas occupation, we sought to understand the Brazilian municipalities’ preparedness level in the context of National Protection Policy of Protection and Civil Defense – PNPDEC – (Law 12.608/2012), which changes Brazilian Lehmann’s Law and Brazilian Cities’ Statute. This research used data from the dataset from the Municipalities Basic Information Research Query – MUNIC/IBGE/2013. We concluded that few municipalities incorporated the PNPDEC directions. Some of them, although having mapped and monitored risk areas, have not adapted to those new directions, including municipalities with risk areas mapped and monitored by the relevant bodies. We suggest special attention from the sectors of planning, construction and infrastructure, civil defense, environmental, health, etc. so that normative instruments are used in the city’s planning, as technical criteria and environmental weaknesses. Technical and popular training is also essential for a organized occupation (public and private) and to build resilient cities.