Business Models and Blockchain: What Can Change?

Abstract The goal is to identify the characteristics of innovative business models that use blockchain technology. Through a qualitative and descriptive research, we sought, in the Crunshbase database, the companies that had in their activity description the word Blockchain, obtaining a total of 810 companies. The data obtained were tabulated in Excel spreadsheet and we carried out a collection of additional information on the websites of the organizations. The process of data analysis used the technique of document analysis and content analysis. The results allowed us to identify that most organizations' foundation date from 2014 and are located in North America. Regarding the area of expertise of these organizations, it can be observed that most of them belong to financial and technology areas. Moreover, 10 companies were already in operation before the creation of blockchain technology, pointing out the characteristic of a disruptive technology, which is the readjustment of established companies. Finally, we highlight the contributions related to the field, by identifying the main areas of business that use blockchain technology, as well as revealing important descriptions about these companies. In addition to contributions to the theory, by presenting empirical evidences of active business with this technology and its contributions to the various areas.