ABSTRACT Objective: To define a profile of the muscle groups affected by patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) to determine a pattern of functional weaknesses around the knee. Methods: Sixty-three female patients were randomly selected, and 17 included in this study, receiving a clinical evaluation with pre-established protocol which evaluated the quadriceps, abductors, range of motion in the internal rotators and ankle dorsiflexors, pelvic tilt, and dynamic valgus. Results: Losses were seen in abductor strength and ankle dorsiflexor range of motion in comparison with the contralateral limb (0.031 and 0.040, respectively). There was a loss of quadriceps strength and decreased amplitude of internal hip rotation when compared to the Kujala score (0.032 and 0.002, respectively). Dynamic valgus and pelvic fall were greater in comparison with the Kujala score (0.668 and 0.567, respectively). Conclusion: Clinical evaluation showed deficits in the quadriceps and abductor muscle groups, as well as decreased range of motion in the internal hip rotators and ankle dorsiflexors and increased dynamic valgus and pelvic drop. Level of Evidence IV; Case series.