ABSTRACT Studies conducted by the international labor organization have shown that operations involving agricultural machinery are among the three activities with the highest risk of accidents to workers. Among the possible causes, rollover is the most common, accounting for 33% of fatal accidents. Despite this, there are standards that provide for the use of safety devices to ensure the physical integrity of the operator, among these equipment stand out rollover protection structures, which can be foldable or not. In this sense, the objective of this study was to perform an ergonomic study in order to analyze the torque required for lowering and lifting a foldable rollover protection structure attached to an agricultural tractor, developing instrumentation for validation of the efforts required to operate the structure and comparing the results obtained with the values recommended by the Standard (CODE 6 - OECD). When torque values were above those recommended by the standard, a set of torsion springs was used as solution to torque reduction. After further testing, the effectiveness of the solution was verified. Furthermore, it was observed that the angular speed of the bar does not have a significant influence on the torque required to lift the bar.