Caesalpinioideae and Cercidoideae (Leguminosae) in the State Park of Mata da Pimenteira, Semiarid of Pernambuco, Brazil

Abstract This work presents a taxonomic study of the subfamilies Caesalpinioideae (except Mimosoid clade) and Cercidoideae carried out in the State Park of Mata da Pimenteira, located in the municipality of Serra Talhada, in Pernambuco. Specimens were collected monthly in the period from March 2015 to August 2016. A total of 16 species distributed in one genus of Cercidoideae, one species: Bauhinia cheilantha, and six genera in Caesalpinioideae, 15 species: Cenostigma pyramidale, Chamaecrista absus, C. duckeana, C. pilosa var. luxurians, C. rotundifolia, C. supplex, Libidibia ferrea, Parkinsonia aculeata, Pterogyne nitens, Senna macranthera, S. obtusifolia, S. occidentalis, S. spectabilis, S. splendida, and S. uniflora. Identification keys, descriptions, illustrations, comments on the morphology and geographical distribution are presented.