Carlos Oswald: a history and two themes

2017-12-13T02:44:19Z (GMT) by Godiva Accyoli

Abstract This article presents a research made, in large part, from original sources, focused on the painter Carlos Oswald (1882-1971) considering the relation between art and religion, as he was a member the Order of St. Gregory and dedicated himself to sacred art, topics discussed in previous publications. The singularity of the aforementioned painter resides in his establishing of connections between the arts. The article highlights Oswald's artistic and literary works, education and religion, produced concurrently to a deepening of the studies on Brazilian Catholic sacred art, during the end of the 19th and the middle of the 20th century. The research stresses the participation of the Catholic Church in Brazil in the composition of sacred art and the effects of its universal patterns in aesthetic works.