Cement composite with high content treated coconut fiber: physical properties and durability

ABSTRACT The use of coconut fiber in construction can both reduce the consumption of mineral aggregates as sand and gravel and it is improves physical and mechanical properties of cementitious composite. However, one of the weakest points in application of new cementitious composites with coconut fibers is related to the accelerated degradation of plant fiber by chemical action of cementitious matrix. So, this paper evaluated the incorporation of coconut fiber with a new treatment, and its influence on physical properties and durability of cementitious composite. The treatment used natural latex, silica fume and coconut fiber, 10% in relation to the mass cement, was used in the production of specimens. They were determined thermal and acoustic attenuation capability, specific gravity and performing mechanical testing and durability. The experimental data indicated an improvement in the thermoacoustic performance of the new composite by up to 20% compared to the performance of the cementitious composite without its presence. The preliminary results obtained allow us to conclude that the composite can be used in the construction industry for the production of masonry bricks for sealing.