Ceramic parts manufactured using granite powder with addition of mineral coal combustion products: Mechanical Characterization

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posted on 22.05.2019 by Halisson de Souza Pinheiro, Ricardo Emilio Ferreira Quevedo Nogueira, Louise Caroline Peixoto Xavier, Candido Jorge de Souza Lobo, Francisco Olímpio Moura Carneiro

ABSTRACT The technical feasibility of the use of granite residues as raw material in the manufacture of ceramic test specimens, with additions of the Coal Mineral Combustion (PCC's) products as a reforestation phase, was studied. The materials used were White Wing granite (RGAB) and Coal Combustion Products (PCC), in concentrations of 0% w / w, 5% w / w, 10% w / w, 15% w / P of PCCs. For a characterization of the raw materials and the samples with the techniques of: X-Ray Diffraction, X-Ray Fluorescence, Scanning Electron Microscopy. For a determination of the mechanical properties performed with tests of Vickers Microhardness and Diametral Compression Resistance. Optical microscopy and EDS assays were performed to verify the chemical composition of the surface and the interior of the samples. Statistical analysis of the results (analysis of variance -ANOVA) was analyzed through the Tukey test, which had as objective as sections as arithmetic means obtained in the mechanical testicles were statistically significant. We assigned the number 1, for the pairs in which as means are statistically different, and the number 0, to stop where is not the statistical difference between as means. The results obtained allow to conclude the use of the tailings of the Asa Branca Granite with an addition of PCC to a ceramic coating manufacturing is feasible.