Challenges of Education for Authorship in the Academic Sphere

posted on 26.12.2018 by Mary Elizabeth Cerutti-Rizzatti, Adriana de Carvalho Kuerten Dellagnelo

Abstract The topic of this article is "Education for authorship in university"; it is organized to answer the following question: What challenges does the academic sphere face as regards education for authorship today? In order to answer that question, the text spouses a theoretical-epistemological affiliation of a historical-cultural basis, employing a comprehensive approach in the generation and analysis of data, which derive from a number of studies consolidated or in phase of consolidation in the Research Group "Writing Culture and Schooling" of Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. In response to the research question, it is argued that there are, among many others, three major challenges of substantive relevance in education for authorship: (i) appropriation of knowledge tensioned by relativistic fundamentals in the school sphere; (ii) academic expectations with condescending attitudes; and (iii) selective attention as opposed to auscultation. It is argued that an education for authorship in the academic sphere involves the expansion of individuals' cultural repertoire throughout their education so as they consolidate a condition of autonomy in opposition to heteronomy.