Challenges of municipal planning from the perspective of nurse managers

ABSTRACT Objectives: to analyze the municipal planning developed by nurses coordinating Primary Health Care, aimed at coping with Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases, from the perspective of the Situational Strategic Planning. Methods: a descriptive exploratory study with a qualitative approach developed in municipalities of a Health Region of Rio Grande do Sul State. Semi-structured interviews were carried out with the Primary Health Care coordination of the municipalities of the empirical area, between 2014 and 2015. Content analysis was the thematic and the theoretical perspective of strategic analysis. Results: in the development of municipal planning regarding care for chronic illness, the study highlighted fragilities, which are a challenge for management. The Regional Municipal Planning is a tool that contributes to the articulation between actors involved in the organization of the health system. Final considerations: strategic insertion of Nursing in the field of Health prompts the debate about the role of this professional in the management of SUS.