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Changes in potato tuber sugar metabolism in response to natural sprout suppressive compounds

posted on 23.10.2019, 05:22 by Mirelle Nayana de Sousa Santos, Fernanda Ferreira de Araujo, Paula Cristina Carvalho Lima, Lucas Cavalcante da Costa, Fernando Luiz Finger

ABSTRACT. The increased demand for potato by the Brazilian processing industry requires long term refrigerated storage, but after a few months, natural dormancy ends, and sprouts start to grow. Thus, sprout inhibitors are necessary to reduce the rate of growth and allow further storage. The purpose of research described here was to determine the effects clove and menthol essential oils have on the inhibition of sprout growth in non-dormant ‘Asterix’ tubers. Both eugenol and menthol treatments reduced the rate of sprout growth during storage at 8oC for up to 50 days. Eugenol and menthol essential oils diminished the rate of accumulation of reducing sugar, which are responsible for browning of French fries. Color after frying was within acceptable levels when the tubers were treated with eugenol or menthol essential oils.