Characterization of Ethoxysulfuron Herbicide Selectivity in Common Bean Cultivars

ABSTRACT: In literature, there are few studies evaluating the response of different bean cultivars to herbicides, particularly the ALS enzyme inhibitors. The objective of this study was to evaluate the selectivity of common bean cultivars to the herbicide ethoxysulfuron and to select cultivars that are more tolerant to it. An experiment was conducted in a greenhouse, in a completely randomized experimental design with four replications. Factors consisted in 20 bean cultivars (IPR Eldorado, IPR Siriri, IPR Gralha, IPR 81, IPR Uirapuru, IPR Colibri, IPR Tuiuiú, BRS Esplendor, IPR Tangará, IPR Juriti, IPR Corujinha, IPR Andorinha, IPR Curió, BRS Campeiro, BRS Pérola, BRS Notável, BRS Estilo, UTF 3, UTF 5 e UTF 6), and four doses of ethoxysulfuron (0, 50, 100 and 200 g ha-1) were used. At the dose of 200 g ha-1, the reduction of the shoot dry matter of plants ranged from 30 to 80%, indicating that there was high variability in the response of bean cultivars to the herbicide. The bean cultivars classified as more tolerant to ethoxysulfuron are: IPR 81, IPR Uirapuru, BRS Estilo, IPR Gralha and BRS Pérola, while the less tolerant cultivars are: IPR Eldorado, IPR Tuiuiú, IPR Tangará, IPR Curió, UTF 3, UTF 5 and BRS Esplendor.