Characterization of coal briquettes using tar as a binding material for use in a coke oven

Abstract In order to increase competitiveness in the steel industry through reduction of the cost of coal mixtures and increase in the quality productivity of coke in the oven, this research was developed with the aim of increasing the bulk density through briquetting of low power coking coal using tar as a binding material. Initially an industrial scale double roller press was used to manufacture briquettes in the ellipsoid format. The physical properties of the briquettes were analyzed in relation to variation of the amount of tar and the curing time of briquettes. Through the process of coal briquetting using low amounts of tar, it is possible to obtain a fuel of greater density, greater use of soft coals, uniform granulometry and easy handling. The increase in the apparent density of coal through briquetting may reach 42.5%. The success achieved in these tests, through these briquettes, with good chemical and physical characteristics represents ease of production as well as economic gain and low investment when compared to other processes of charge densification in coke ovens.