Characterization of water quality parameters in the port area of Barcarena, PA, Brazil

Abstract Companies in the industrial hub of Barcarena-PA city use raw materials, supplies and energy that generate solid waste, industrial effluents and domestic sewage that are released in water bodies, changing their physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics. To determine the influence of the companies located in the industrial hub of Barcarena, a study was conducted in a stretch of Pará River under the influence of industrial effluents released by operating companies. Four sampling sites were therefore selected where two campaigns were conducted, one held in the less rainy period and another in the rainy season. Within each field, samples were collected simultaneously at four sample points over a period of 12 hours with 90 minute intervals starting and ending at the end of the ebb tide. We collected 36 samples in the 4 selected points in each sampling campaign of the tide, totaling 72 samples in the two campaigns. Samples were analyzed for pH, temperature, conductivity, total dissolved solids (STD acronym in Portuguese), color, sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, alkalinity and toughness. The ANOVA test of two factors was used in order to observe whether the variables showed significant differences between the sampling points and seasonality at a 95% significance level. The Water Quality Index (IQA-CETESB) was also calculated. Statistical tests showed that the location of the sampling sites had no influence on the average levels of pH, however there was a significant influence on the other variables. Regarding seasonality, there was no significant difference in all variables, except for chloride and alkalinity. The water samples showed IQA of excellent and good quality.



CC BY 4.0