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Checklist of ferns and lycophytes in a remnant of Atlantic Forest in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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posted on 12.12.2018 by Felipe Gonzatti

Abstract A checklist of ferns and lycophytes in protected area Reserva Biológica Estadual Mata Paludosa (REBIO Mata Paludosa), municipality of Itati, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil is presented. During one year, a scan survey was made in all vegetation types where the species were collected and incorporated in the HUCS herbarium. The species were categorized by habit, threat level and distribution pattern on Rio Grande do Sul phytophysiognomies. A total of 79 species were recorded, including one lycophyte and 78 ferns. The families Polypodiaceae (12), Dryopteridaceae, Pteridaceae, and Thelypteridaceae (10 each) and Aspleniaceae (nine) were the richest. Terrestrial species were the most representative (64%) followed by epiphytes (28%), and hemiepyphytes (8%). Most of the recorded species present are widespread (75%). Populations of five locally endangered species were found. The REBIO Mata Paludosa represents important remnants of Atlantic Forest in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, because of its high richness of ferns and lycophytes, endangered species and species with locally restrict distribution patterns.