Chemical and environmental assessment of rejuvenated asphalt mixtures

ABSTRACT Recycling is a topic that has been gaining enough space in various areas of engineering. When reuses material in civil works, indirectly it is contributing to the preservation of nature. Within this context, the recycling of asphalt coatings is a subject that arouses great interest, but that requires further study. Thus, this paper aims to study the effects of rejuvenating products on aged asphalt binder behavior, for their application in recycling road surface coatings. Therefore, it was initially extracted residual binder and then were added rejuvenating tar base (RejuvaSeal) and other shale oil based commercially known AR-5, AR-250 and AR500, at rates of 15, 20 and 25%, in order to see which content would be appropriate to recover the original characteristics of the binder. Among the many findings from this study is that the mixture containing 20% of AR-5 shows better behavior when compared to a new asphalt binder (CAP 50-70). The chemical and environmental analysis showed that the recycling of material milled using rejuvenating asphalt layer is a technically feasible solution for flooring and environmentally friendly.