Chemical attributes in soil and production of "Cynodon dactylon" cv. Tierra Verde on doses of organic biofertilizer

The concentration of nutrients in plant is related to the soil, fertilization, climate, season, cultivar and cultural practices. Aiming to evaluate the soil chemical properties, the dry matter production of shoots and roots, nutrient content in the plant and the chemical composition of the grass Tierra Verde subjected to levels of organic biofertilizer as nitrogen source, an experiment was conducted in a greenhouse at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , UNESP, Araçatuba-SP, January-September 2010. Treatments were arranged in a completely randomized design with six fertilized biofertilizer doses (0, 33, 66, 132, 264, 528 m3ha-1) and five repetitions for three cuts. We used the model split plot, with doses of biofertilizer considered as main treatments and cuts as sub-plots. We obtained a linear response in the production of dry mass of shoots and roots to the dose of 528 m3ha-1 of organic biofertilizer. Nitrogen fertilization influenced the soil chemical properties and levels of organic matter, sulfur, boron and manganese, and in foliar levels of phosphorus, potassium and copper. The chemical composition was not altered by the influence of organic biofertilizer doses applied to the soil.