Circular Business Plan: entrepreneurship teaching instrument and development of the entrepreneurial profile

Abstract Due to the necessity for innovation and value creation for organizations, entrepreneurship education has become part of contemporary educational institutions. It is necessary to develop tools that provide a favorable learning environment. The Business Plan is an useful tool in teaching entrepreneurship, contributing to the development of entrepreneurial teachers and students from different areas. This paper aims to analyze the Circular Business Plan as an active methodology for teaching entrepreneurship during the workshop Building a Business Plan. The version of Circular Business Plan presented in this work was demonstrated through applied research, using qualitative method with exploratory goal during field of study. We analyzed 10 workshops Building a Business Plan in the same educational institution, with 160 participants develop 48 business ideas developed by groups with 3 people on average. Learning self-assessment answered by the participants, as well as the evaluation of teachers on student responses at Circular Business Plan built during the workshops Building a Business Plan, demonstrated that the active methodology contributes to the entrepreneurial development, from skills, different knowledge, attitudes and values. Future research will improve this active methodology and the teaching of entrepreneurship, as well as contribute to the development of the entrepreneurial profile.