Civil Service Competition for Professors at a Federal University: Proposal for Software Improvements

Abstract This research proposes an intervention plan for solving difficulties and offering improvements related to the Civil Service testing and selection process for professors at a Brazilian Federal University. The proposals were motivated, mainly, due to a series of occasional misunderstandings found in documentary records, resulting from the interaction between the software used to manage tasks in the selection process and the users of this system, leading to the necessity of producing specific documents to methodize the processes. Although not resulting in harm from a finalistic point of view, these actions increase the time spent and the number of activities before homologation of the results. There was, therefore, an intention to more acutely understand the problems, so the diagnosis focuses on those factors that had a greater impact on the process. The methodology adopted involved bibliographic research, document analysis and a participating observer in the processes. The result was an intervention proposal to act on the software’s current functions, to create new functions and to promote integration of the software into the institutional portfolio, allowing effective action in the correction and prevention of problems and also improvements in the processes.